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A Better Way

People are asking for a
better way of doing things.

We are answering the call.  

Nichols Life Tribute Services is not a conventional funeral home.  We are caring professionals offering a better way to plan, create and host services of remembrance -- bringing comfort to family and friends while paying tribute to the special life that was lived.

Everything we do focuses on your family, the life lived, and the relationships held dear. Our goal is to find the most meaningful way to make the transition to a new relationship with your loved one's memory. We take care of everything so you can focus on what is most important...caring for yourself and your family.    


"We are wherever you need us...whenever you need us."


Less Stressful

We know that visiting a funeral home is not something most people want to do. It can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.  At Nichols Life Tribute Services, we can bring our services to you. 


"We will come to meet you at your home, church, office, care facility, or anywhere else you are comfortable."


We know from our own experience visiting a traditional funeral home that signifies the death of someone you love causes additional and unnecessary stress - increasing the difficult emotions you may already be feeling.  We know that making deeply personal decisions regarding the final arrangements in a familiar setting creates a more comforting and secure atmosphere for wiser decision- making. 



More Meaningful

We believe that death is a part of life, and the activities that commemorate that life should – as with other life events such as births and weddings – reflect the unique personality of the life you are celebrating.

  "We will care for all of the details so you can participate in the 
                       final farewell as a guest, not the host."


We specialize in planning and directing visitations, memorials, celebrations of life and funeral services outside of the funeral home atmosphere.  We can create services in any location you'd like –

  • Your place of worship
  • Chapel
  • Graveside
  • Private home
  • Park
  • Fraternal Lodge
  • Civic Club
  • Community or Reception Center
  • Golf Course
  • Anywhere that holds meaning for you

The options are almost endless.  We're entirely flexible and focused on helping you create a meaningful and healing experience, for you and your family.

For spiritual leaders, Nichols Life Tribute Services is here to be an extension of the trusted care you provide, offering closure to families and giving them – and you – whatever support is needed.  We know how vital you are to the grieving process, and we respect your leadership in helping arrange the most appropriate services for the family.


More Affordable

Unlike traditional, "brick-and-mortar" funeral homes with high overhead costs, at Nichols Life Tribute Services we keep our costs down and place our focus on providing personalized services to families in the location of their choice.  While we can host small visitations, memorials and funeral services, most of our families choose to have their services at other locations.  By maintaining lower overhead, we are able to pass on significant savings to our families without compromising the quality of our personal care and services.

With this better way of doing things, families no longer have to sacrifice quality and service for affordability. 


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