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About Pre-Planning - Muscatine Funeral Home Nichols Life Tribute Funeral and Cremation Services

About Pre-Planning

Without a doubt, dying is one of the few events in life that is certain to occur. You may never marry, or have children; but without fail, one day you will take your last breath. For most of us, this is a disquieting thought. Yet it is still something you should plan for – if not for your own peace-of-mind, then for the well-being of those you’ll leave behind.



This section will help you make decisions for the future by explaining what is involved in pre-arrangement, the rewards of pre-planning, and what options are available.

If you would like to request an appointment after you have reviewed this information, we would be pleased to go over any additional questions you might have.


Give us a call today for your free Being Prepared Planning Guide,
or begin planning now with our Pre-Plan Online program.

When is the Best Time to Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

We’d like to say “right now”, but know you may not be emotionally ready to take on this task. Perhaps the best time to begin making your prearrangements is when you have a family you wish to protect from the burdens they will carry when you leave them with no plan at all.

By taking time now to collect information and calmly making choices related to your own funeral arrangements, you'll be protecting your family against the stress of having to make these decisions at a time of extreme emotional stress. This way you can carefully choose specific items you want and need.


The Six Common Reasons for Preplanning Funerals

Today, more individuals and families are making the decision to preplan their funerals than ever before. Because of the factors such as finances, fewer extended family members living close by, and other changes in our society, planning your own funeral can make a lot of sense.

In a recent survey, these were the most common reasons people gave for preplanning their own funerals:

  1. Communicates your wishes
  2. Reduces stress for friends and family at an already emotional time
  3. Controls costs
  4. Shows you care
  5. Relieves your loved ones of the responsibility

Any one of those reasons is good, but when you take them all together, it’s easy to see why pre-planning your funeral is one of the smartest things you can do. If you agree, give us a call to set an appointment, or get started right now, with PrePlan Online. Don’t worry. It’s safe, secure, and completely private.  

The Critical Importance of Designating a Representative

If you have not yet specified who you wish to be in control of your funeral service planning, now is the perfect time to take care of that task.

This is especially important if you think your relatives may not honor your final wishes, or if you are not on the best of terms with them; do not know where they are, or do not have any relatives living.  

And, appointing a specific person to oversee your final wishes who is not a family member, but is deeply trusted, can be a good way to ensure that your final wishes are carried out.

You can designate your choice by completing an Advance Health Care Directive. If you already have a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, just attach a completed Iowa Final Dispositions Act Designated Representative form. Should you have questions about the care directive or designating a representative, call us, or speak with your family attorney.

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